For Hire

My experience ranges from professional photography to marketing and quality assurance testing. If you’re looking to hire someone in the gaming industry, I can most likely help you! Even if you’re not in the gaming industry, I have plenty of experience with non-gaming related companies as well.

I have eight years of marketing, promotions and spokesmodeling experience and currently specialize in social media management.

I also have experience working at large events like PAX, E3, Tokyo Game Show, GamesCom, etc. and have done cross country tours before (such as Ozzfest) so working out of the state/country and is always an option! I also have extensive experience running tournaments and helping to organize events, so feel free to email me about tournament organization or consulting!

This is a partial list of some of the many companies I have worked for:

Professional Photography 
Dream Shots – Manager/ Photographer/ Fuji & Kodak machine technician

Band/ Music Promotions
[link] FiXT Music Artists
[link] Rock Ridge Music Artists
[link] Neverdie Studio Artists
[link] Ozzfest Tour 2006

Quality Assurance/ Quality Control
[link] Headcase Games (180)
[link] EA (Music Construction Set: The Blues, Music Construction Set: 11)
[link] Activision (many games!)
[link] Astro Gaming
[link] Artificial Life Inc. (Linkin Park 8-bit rebellion)
[link] Google (Google Maps)
[no link] Instant Action (Instant Jam Facebook Game)
[link] Microsoft TRG 1st party requirements (many titles!)

Brand Ambassador/ Promotions
[link] Tritton Technologies
[link] NOS Energy Drinks
[link] FUZE
[link] Relentless Energy Drinks
[link] Monster Beverage Company
[link] Gamer Grub
[link] Blue Green Resorts
[link] D.A.R.E. Canada
[link] Staples
[link] Ford
[link] Sony Playstation
[link] Red Box
[link] Fathead
[link] Camel Cigarettes (Data Analyst)
[link] Tasty Bite
[link] Hero Gear
[link] Universal Pictures
[link] Music Skinz
[link] Digital Camo Skins
[link] IGN
[link] Lone Shark Games
[link] Z2 Live
[link] Project GAEMS
[link] Bai Brands
[link] Bokwa Fitness

Marketing Consultant
[link] 24 Caret Games
[link] Energizer
[link] FiXT Music
[no link] AD&D Marketing (X-Men 3 movie promotion)
[link] Attack! Marketing
[link] NRG Marketing

Social Media Management
[link] Archon Clothing
[link] AVS Elite Services
[link] Bokwa Fitness

Event/Tournament Consultant
[link] Activision/NCompass (created the PAX 2008 “Beat Judy and Win” contest)
[link] Grand Fanali Presents (Guitar Hero/ DJ Hero tournament organizer)

Product Modeling
[link] Level 27 Clothing
[link] American Guru Clothing
[link] Gunnar Optiks
[link] J!NX Clothing
[link] Archon Clothing

Game/Product Demonstration
-Guitar Hero World Tour (PAX Prime 2008)
-Tritton Technologies headsets (PAX Prime 2009)
-Instant Jam (Gamescom 2010)

On Camera

[link] Tritton Technologies
[link] Galaxy 4 Gamers
[link] Gamer Grub
[link] Ubisoft (Rocksmith)

TV shows/ Movies
[link] Killer Game – No Mercy Video
[link] Friday Night King – Five Clover Films
[link] Anger Management – Rene Guerrero’s “On The Lot” contest entry film
[link] FRAG
[link] WCG Ultimate Gamer Season 1 – “StarSlay3r”
[link] The Tester Season 1 – “Star”
[link] Robot Combat League Season 1 – Self

Hosting/ Co-hosting
[link] Coin-Op Tv
[link] AutoSave+
[link] Four Credits Podcast

If you’re interested in hiring me for any of the above listed type of jobs please feel free to email me directly: